Race results

Club Girls

Limerick ladiesLaurel Hill Limerick07:07.3
Carlow ClintonsCarlow Youth Services07:15.2
Salerno TYSalerno Galway07:35.1
ChaseThe Kings Hospital07:44.1
DC GalwayDominican College Galway07:48.9
Borris2Borris Vocational School07:54.0
Neptune CampersNeptune Camper07:58.1
RubbleThe Kings Hospital08:13.0
Borris bow Borris Vocational School08:19.7
Louis1St Louis Rathmines08:20.2
OLCGOur Lady's8:17

Trinity College, Dublin on Friday 11th November 2016

Club Boys

EverestThe Kings Hospital06:15.4
The flying ducksPresentation Secondary School Milltown, Killarney06:24.4
Carlow ClintonsCarlow Youth Services06:25.0
RockyThe Kings Hospital06:41.1
Endas boys 1 Colaiste Einde06:51.9
Bish EmpacherSt Josephs College "The Bish"07:45.4
Bish FilippiSt Josephs College "The Bish"08:02.5
YellowCBC Cork08:43.4
BlackCBC Cork08:59.0

Trinity College, Dublin on Friday 11th November 2016

U14 Boys

crccCholáiste na Coirrbe07:44.2
Bish EmpacherSt Josephs College "The Bish"07:47.3
Bish FilippiSt Josephs College "The Bish"07:56.2
The RamsDuiske College08:07.3
MacGintyBlackrock College08:09.0
Bish SwiftSt Josephs College "The Bish"08:21.8
crccCholáiste na Coiribe08:23.0
Christian Brothers College Cork Black Christian Brothers College Cork 08:24.0
The Swift NinjasDuiske College08:25.1
BVS 1Borris Vo+D15:D22cational school08:36.0
Sutton flamingo'sSutton Park 08:39.6
Carlow VS BoysCarlow Vocational School08:42.6
Sutton sweatersSutton Park 08:44.9
BVS 4Borris Vocational school08:48.9
Sutton subjectsSutton Park 08:50.3
Christian Brothers College Cork yellow Christian Brothers College Cork 08:52.7
HurlBlackrock College08:53.7
The Swift NinjasDuiske College08:55.0
Gaelcholaiste Boys 1Gaelcholaiste Cheatharlach09:32.9
MVS BoysMuinebheag Vocational School, Carlow09:48.9

Trinity College, Dublin on Friday 11th November 2016

U14 Girls

SmartiesDominican College Galway08:31.4
2 BeckettPresentation Terenure 08:34.2
Sutton steelersSutton Park 08:39.6
Salerno 1st years 2Salerno secondary school08:41.9
TaylorsDominican College Galway08:44.0
Sutton piranhaSutton Park 08:45.5
St. Leo's Girls 1St. Leo's College Carlow08:46.9
Salerno 1st yearsSalerno secondary school08:55.0
St. Leo's Girls 2St. Leo's College Carlow09:01.3
crccCholáiste na Coirrbe09:04.1
Sutton sharksSutton Park 09:06.8
Girl powerDuiske College09:07.6
1.3a DominicanDomincan College, Dublin09:09.9
BVS 5Borris Vocational school09:15.1
OLC-U14 SquadOur Ladys College 09:17.0
Carlow VS GirlsCarlow Vocational School09:18.3
MVS GirlsMuinebheag Vocational School, Carlow09:20.1
BVS 3 Borris Vocational school09:21.6
BVS 6Borris Vocational school09:22.2
2 JoycePresentation Terenure 09:27.2
Gaelcholaiste Girls 1Gaelcholaiste Cheatharlach09:35.0
1.3 DominicanDomincan College, Dublin09:36.0
BVS 2Borris Vocational school09:39.8
1.4a Dominican Domincan College, Dublin09:40.7
Panda RowersDuiske College09:45.0
MAC DARA PE 4St Mac Dara's Community College09:57.5
MAC DARA PE 8St Mac Dara's Community College09:57.5
MAC DARA PE 7St Mac Dara's Community College10:05.6
MAC DARA PE 1St Mac Dara's Community College10:09.2
MAC DARA PE 6St Mac Dara's Community College10:24.0
1.2aDomincan College, Dublin10:24.0
MAC DARA PE 3St Mac Dara's Community College10:27.0
1.1DominicansDomincan College, Dublin10:33.1
1.1a DominicanDomincan College, Dublin10:33.1
1.4 Dominincan Domincan College, Dublin10:40.2
MAC DARA PE 2St Mac Dara's Community College10:41.3
MAC DARA PE 5St Mac Dara's Community College10:49.0
MAC DARA PE 10St Mac Dara's Community College11:00.9
MAC DARA PE 9St Mac Dara's Community College11:12.3
1.2 DominicansDomincan College, Dublin9:52:09

Trinity College, Dublin on Friday 11th November 2016

U16 Girls

Salerno TYSalerno Galway07:48.9
Skye The Kings Hospital07:51.1
2crew4youDominican College07:53.5
Endas Girls Colaiste Einde08:00.8
Evelyn's ElfsLimerick sports Partnership 108:06.3
Carlow Schools TeamCarlow Schools 08:20.4
Ruth's RangersLimerick sports Partnership 108:26.1
3 Kavanagh Presentation Terenure 08:27.1
3rd YearsPresentation Terenure 08:43.8
Turn and BurnLimerick sports Partnership 108:45.0
3 ClarkePresentation Terenure 08:55.9
Louis lighteningSt Louis Rathmines08:57.0
LCC 6Lucan Community College 08:59.0
Louis2 (Lightening)St Louis Rathmines09:01.7
Sarah Stelf'sOur Ladies Terenure09:20.3
LCC 5Lucan Community College 09:21.4
Nikki's Ninja'sOur Ladies Terenure09:22.9
OLCG Squad.Our Ladys College 09:23.0
3 Yeats Presentation Terenure 09:27.0
Louis dolphinsSt Louis Rathmines09:37.4
Caoimhe's Cougar'sOur Ladies Terenure09:41.5
Louis minionsSt Louis Rathmines09:53.2
Ruth's RebelsOur Ladies Terenure10:02.0
Aoife AngelsOur Ladies Terenure10:16.3
Emma EaglesOur Ladies Terenure10:23.0

Trinity College, Dublin on Friday 11th November 2016

U16 Boys

CBC U16 ACBC Monkstown06:32.5
CBC U16s BCBC Monkstown07:07.8
BVS 7Borris Vocational school07:12.8
Carlow Schools TeamCarlow Schools 07:16.0
Darragh's DreamersLimerick Sports Partnership07:24.2
LCC1Lucan Community College 07:30.7
Le manBlackrock College07:38.6
Endas Boys 2Colaiste Einde07:44.3
LCC 3Lucan Community College 07:44.5
LCC2Lucan Community College 07:44.6
Mc QuaidBlackrock College08:07.2
ShanahanBlackrock College08:07.7
DuffBlackrock College08:18.4
EbentrechtBlackrock College08:18.9
De ValeraBlackrock College9:03:00

Trinity College, Dublin on Friday 11th November 2016

Race report

The second all Ireland school rowing #Blitzit took place in Trinity College, Dublin on Friday 11th November 2016. After a difficult few weeks, with not knowing if we could go ahead with the event we were thrilled to be able to hold the #Blitz with over 700 students attending.