On Friday 13th of January 2017 300 students from Carlow & Kilkenny schools kick started the first #Blitzit of 2017 at Carlow IT.

The work for this event started back in October when 36 TY students trained to be TrY Rowing indoor rowing and leadership coaches. These 36 students from five schools across Carlow town, county and stretching for the first time into Kilkenny went back to their schools and taught the first years how to row. This is the third year of the event which is run by Carlow Youth service and Carlow rowing club as part of the Get Rowing programme. Many thanks again for the massive work and commitment put in by CRYS and CRC into this programme. In the last three years 0ver 36 students from these schools have transitioned to the club and are now rowing and competing there competitively. We hope to see many more of these first years and TY students now transition to Carlow and Graignamanagh rowing club.


Carlow Interschools Blitz 13th Feb 2017

  • January 30th, 2017