Final results

14:00castletroy collegecastletroy boys open boys06:04.31
14:00CBC Monkstown Park CBC Snr a open boys06:18.42
14:15Castletroy CollegeTY boys AOpen boys06:26.91
14:15Seamount College KinvaraSeamount 5B2 open boys06:35.02
14:15CBC Monkstown Park CBC Snr open boys06:36.53
14:15Seamount College KinvaraSeamount 5B1 open boys06:41.24
14:00CBC Monkstown Park CBC TY 2Open boys06:45.53
14:00CBC Monkstown Park CBC 3open boys06:50.94
14:15CBC Monkstown Park CBC TY 3Open Boys06:52.05
14:30castletroy collegecastletroy ty girls Open Girls06:55.91
14:00Limerick VIP DLimerick Sportsopen boys06:56.05
14:30Laurel Hill ColaisteLaurel Hill Colaiste open girls 06:57.62
14:00CBC Monkstown Park CBC 3aopen boys06:59.16
14:15Cbc Monkstown Park CBC TY 1Open Boys06:59.36
12:45SalesianSecondary CollegeThe oarsmen Second year boys 07:03.31
12:15Colaiste MhichilCbs blue Second year boys 07:10.61
12:15Seamount College KinvaraSeamount 2B Second year boys 07:11.42
11:45Carlow Schools TeamRuthless Rowers First year boys 07:15.11
12:00Salesian Secondary CollegeCopsewood Crew First year boys 07:21.41
12:30Salesian Secondary CollegeThe Paddlers Second year boys 07:23.11
14:30Seamount College KinvaraSeamount 5G2 open girls 07:27.33
12:30John the baptist CSJTBCS Stacks Second year boys 07:27.52
14:30SalernoSalerno GalwayOpen Girls07:28.74
14:00GaelcholaisteThe Ladsopen boys07:29.07
14:30Seamount College KinvaraSeamount 5G1 open girls 07:30.45
14:00Limerick VIP CLimerick Sportsopen boys07:33.07
12:30Gaelcholáiste LuimnighCla¡r 4 Second year boys 07:34.93
12:30Colaiste MhichilCbs Red Second year boys 07:36.34
11:45Seamount College KinvaraSeamount 1B First year boys 07:43.72
11:45Salesian CollegeTeam Don Bosco First year boys 07:45.53
12:45Salesian Secondary CollegeThe Boys in the BoatSecond Year Boys07:45.72
11:45John the Baptist CSJTBCS Scots Pine First year boys 07:45.84
13:30Salesian Secondary CollegeSalesian Scullers Second year girls 07:47.91
11:30OUR LADYS COLLEGE GALWAYOLCG TEAM 1 First year girls 07:48.31
12:45Gaelcholásite LuimnighCla¡r 5 Second year boys 07:52.83
12:30castletroy collegecastletroy college David Second year boys 07:58.05
12:30Colaiste MhichilCbs yellow Second year boys 08:00.46
14:30VIP two team Limerick Sports SchoolsOpen Girls08:01.56
11:45Castletroy CollegeColm Ziad Elbossioni First year boys 08:02.55
12:15Gaelcholáiste LuimnighEoin 1 Second year boys 08:02.73
11:45Carlow Vocational SchoolAlpha First year boys 08:03.66
10:45Castletroy CollegeColm Aine Herbert First year girls 08:06.31
10:45Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolThe Oarsome Foursome First year girls 08:06.82
10:30Taylors HillTaylors oneFirst year girls08:07.51
12:15Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh Tomàs 1 Second year boys 08:08.54
14:30Taylors HillTaylors twoopen girls08:11.57
10:30Carlow SchoolsRowing Rebels First year girls 08:12.32
11:30Laurel Hill Secondary School#Tokyo2020 First year girls 08:17.22
12:15Gaelcholásite LuimnighConaill 5 Second year boys 08:19.85
11:00Seamount College KinvaraSeamount 1 First year girls 08:21.61
12:00John the baptist CSJTBCS Oak First year boys 08:23.92
13:30Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh Eoin 3 Second year girls 08:24.32
12:15Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh Eoin 2 Second year boys 08:25.26
12:00Gaelcholaiste CarlowGCC Gladiators First year boys 08:25.33
12:00Castletroy CollegePadraig - Adam First year boys 08:27.04
11:00Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolZoe's Zebras First year girls 08:27.52
13:15Gaelcholáiste LuimnighConaill 4 Second year girls 08:28.21
11:15Salesian Secondary CollegeThe Gliders First year girls 08:28.51
11:00Gaelcholaiste CarlowGCC Glamour Girls First year girls 08:29.13
13:15Salesian Secondary CollegeBosco Belles Second year girls 08:29.32
13:30Ardscoil Mhuire Breandan 6 Second year girls 08:30.63
11:30Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolLaurel Hillbillies First year girls 08:30.93
11:30Castletroy CollegeColm Ciara Mulkern First year girls 08:31.44
13:00Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh Conaill 2 Second year girls 08:32.11
13:00Ardscoil Mhuire Breandan 1 Second year girls 08:32.72
11:45Gaelcholaiste CarlowGCC Barrow Boys First year boys 08:32.98
10:15Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolJust Keep Rowing First year girls 08:35.81
11:45Castletroy CollegePadraig - Oisin First year boys 08:37.27
12:00Carlow SchoolsRocketsFirst year boys08:39.85
13:00Gaelcholáiste LuimnighCla¡r 3 Second year girls 08:40.63
13:15castletroy collegecastletroy college Faith Second year girls 08:41.23
13:15Ardscoil MhuireBreandan 5 Second year girls 08:41.44
10:30OUR LADYS COLLEGE GALWAYOLCG TEAM 2 First year girls 08:42.33
13:00castletroy collegecastletroy college 2nd yrsSecond year girls08:43.04
13:00Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh Tómas 4 Second year girls 08:47.35
12:45castletroy collegecastletroy college stephen m Second year boys 08:48.44
13:30Salesian Secondary CollegeBosco Belles Second year girls 08:49.54
12:00Castletroy CollegeColm Rory Moore First year boys 08:50.26
12:45castletroy collegecastletroy college sean mc Second year boys 08:50.55
13:15Gaelcholáiste LuimnighCla¡r 1 Second year girls 08:50.55
13:30Gaelcholáiste LuimnighCla¡r 2 Second year girls 08:51.85
11:15OUR LADYS COLLEGE GALWAYOLCG TEAM 3 First year girls 08:52.32
11:45Crescent College ComprehensiveCastillo Braves First year boys 08:55.59
13:00Ardscoil MhuireBreandan 3 Second year girls 08:58.66
10:30Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolThe Waves First year girls 09:02.14
10:45John the baptist CSJTBCS Oak First year girls 09:03.94
13:00Ardscoil MhuireBreandan 2 Second year girls 09:04.07
12:00Castletroy CollegeDarragh QuinnFirst year boys09:05.37
13:30John the Baptist CSJTBSC StacksSecond Year Girls09:07.26
10:30Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolThe Black Swans First year girls 09:08.65
10:30Salesian Secondary CollegeThe Wave makers First year girls 09:09.47
11:15Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolLuas Lasrach First year girls 09:10.64
13:30Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh Eoin 5 Second year girls 09:10.77
11:15Ardscoil MhuireDeirdre 1 First year girls 09:12.05
11:15Castletroy CollegeColm Keelin Fitzgerlad First year girls 09:14.66
11:00Castletroy CollegePadraig - Nessa First year girls 09:14.74
13:30Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh Tomàs 5 Second year girls 09:16.18
10:30Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolBeehive Biebs First year girls 09:17.46
13:15Gaelcholaiste LuimnighTómas 6 Second year girls 09:17.56
13:30Ardscoil MhuireBreandan 4 Second year girls 09:18.19
11:30Crescent College ComprehensiveCastillo Babes First year girls 09:19.75
10:45Castletroy CollegePadraig - Amber First year girls 09:21.35
12:00Gaelcholaiste CarlowGCC Askea Army First year boys 09:22.18
13:15Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh Eoin 4 Second year girls 09:25.17
10:15OUR LADYS COLLEGE GALWAYOLCG TEAM 4 First year girls 09:25.62
11:15OUR LADYS COLLEGE OLCG TEAM 5 First year girls 09:26.27
13:15Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh Conaill 3 Second year girls 09:29.58
10:15Ardscoil MhuireDeirdre 3 First year girls 09:30.73
10:15Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolSkeel First year girls 09:31.04
13:00Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh Conaill 1 Second year girls 09:33.08
10:45Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolSister Act First year girls 09:33.46
10:30Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolTeam Jaffa First year girls 09:37.58
10:15Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolVictorious Victoire First year girls 09:38.65
11:30Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolToblerone First year girls 09:43.56
10:45Carlow Schools TeamCarlow Girls First year girls 09:45.07
12:15Colaiste MhichilCbs green Second year boys 09:48.27
10:15Ardscoil MhuireDeirdre 2 First year girls 09:56.46
11:00Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolDogs First year girls 09:57.15
10:45Castletroy CollegePadraig - Grace First year girls 10:08.98
10:15Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolA.R.A.G.S First year girls 10:24.47
10:15 Ardscoil MhuireDeirdre 6 First year girls 10:28.98
11:00Ardscoil Mhuire Deirdre 4 First year girls 10:31.36
11:00Ardscoil MhuireDeirdre 5 First year girls 10:51.97
10:45Carlow Vocational SchoolAlpha First year girls 08:593
11:15Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolWhatever Floats Your Boat First year girls 09:03:003
11:00St. Leo's College CarlowMercy Marvels First year girls DNS
11:15St Leo's College CarlowLeo's Legends First year girls DNS
11:15Laurel Hill Secondary SchoolAisling's Angels First year girls DNS
12:30Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh Tómas 2 Second year boys DNS
12:45Gaelcholáiste Luimnigh Tómas 3 Second year boys DNS
12:45Colaiste MhichilCbs White Second year boys DNS
14:00Limerick VIP BLimerick Sportsopen boysDNS
14:15Limerick VIP ALimerick Sportsopen boysDNS
14:30Salesiansmy hair is a mess open girls dns

The first race results from the Limerick #Blitzit 2017 in conjunction with Limerick Sports partnership .