Draw results


110:00U/15 Heat OneDominic's Cabra 1Mercy MagnetLimerick LassiesGCC Carlow CrusadersWinner Semifinal 1Second Semifinal 2
210:10U/15 Heat TwoSkibb SealsDominic's Cabra 3Limerick LadiesWinner Semifinal 4Second Semifinal 2
310:20U/15 Heat ThreeMercy Golden B Mega'sSkibb SwansJohn Cena's SalernoDominic's Cabra 2Winner Semifinal 1Second Semifinal 3
410:30U/15 Heat FourFikos SalernoAskea ArmySkibb SharksGCC Five in a boatWinner Semifinal 2Second Semifinal 3
510:40U/15 Heat fiveSkibb ScorpionsBantonio SalenoDomnics Cabra 4OLC Galway 1st yearsWinner Semifinal 2Second Semifinal 4
610:50U/15 Heat sixDominics Cabra 5Skibb Star fishMercy Girls junior InchicoreGCC Glamour GirlsWinner Semifinal 2Second Semifinal 3
711:00U/15 Heat sevenMercy Golden Ninja'sOLC Galway 2nd yearsMercy MarvelsGCC GladiatorsWinner Semifinal 1Second Semifinal 4
811:20U/17 Heat OneDominic's diamond CabraSt Mary's ace'sMercy Girls InchicoreDominican Griffith 1Winner Semifinal 1Second Semifinal 3
911:30U/17 Heat TwoPres princesses TerenureMercy Inchicore magnicificentsDominican's 5St Mary's mega'sWinner Semifinal 1Second Semifinal 3
1011:40U/17 Heat ThreePallas Kenry PrincessesSt Mary's Glasnevin DolphinsPres Pantheon'sMac Dara demonsWinner Semifinal 1Second Semifinal 3
1111:50U/17 Heat FourDominican 2The Fishermen SalernoPallas pridesSt Mary's Glas mastersWinner Semifinal 1Second Semifinal 3
1212:00U/17 Heat fiveDominican 4Pride of Pres TerenureMaidens of the LiffeyDominics diva's CabraWinner Semifinal 2Second Semifinal 4
1312:10U/17 Heat sixSt Mary's TrumpsPres Panthers TerenureDominican's 3Pres Terenure primaWinner Semifinal 2Second Semifinal 4
1412:20U/17 Heat sevenDominican 6St Mary's Hero'sGCC Rowing RebelsCois life cougarsWinner Semifinal 2Second Semifinal 4
1512:30INVITATION FINALRuthless RowersFearless FiveGCC Barrow BrigadeDominican Diva'sStraight Final
1612:40U/15 Semi final 1Winner Race 1Second Race 2Winner Race 3Winner Race 7Winner final U/15
1712:50U/15 Semi final 2Second Race 1 Winner Race 4Winner Race 6Winner Race 5Winner final U/15
1813:10U/15 Semi final 3Second Race 3Second Race 4Second Race 6Winner final U/15
1913:20U/15 Semi final 4Winner Race 2Second Race 5Second Race 7Winner final U/15
2013:30U/17 Semi final 1Winner Race 8Winner Race 9Winner Race 10Winner Race 11Winner final U/17
2113:40U/17 Semi final 2Winner Race 12Winner Race 13Winner Race 14Winner final U/17
2213:50U/17 Semi final 3Second Race 8Second Race 9Second Race 10Second Race 11Winner final U/17
2314:00U/17 Semi final 4Second Race 12Second Race 13Second Race 14Winner final U/17
2514:10PARTNERS RaceTrinity CollegeSport IrelandDublin City Sport & Well-Being
2614:20U/15 FINALWinner Semi 1Winner Semi 2Winner Semi 3Winner Semi 4
2714:30U/17 FINALWinner Semi 1Winner Semi 2Winner Semi 3Winner Semi 4
2814:40OPEN FINALSalernoLeo LegendsOur ladies First yearsWolstons Winners
2914:50U/12 Straight FinalGet RowersLeinster BranchAnna LiviaMolly Malone

Race report

A great day of racing is promised in the heart of Dublin City with over 300 participants taking part in the Inaugural #Blitzit 2017 #Onthewater