With 900 students attending #Blitzit 2017 we would appreciate it if you could read the instructions carefully and try and be on time for racing. We have tried to accommodate those travelling from near and far with timings and would therefore appreciate if you could be on time for your races.

The draw can now be found on our website: https://www.getgoinggetrowing.com/2017/11/01/all-ireland-2017-indoor-blitz/

Please ensure that you are in Trinity Sports hall as early as possible but at least 45 minutes before your race in order to register and warm up as racing will start at 10:00 sharp. You will be directed to registration in the hall by Trinity staff.

The cost for the day is €3 per participant, and this can be paid on the day for registration. At registration you will be given a registration card for your teams and asked to verify their names

I am enclosing a map and car parking information for access to Trinity College:

Three maps are attached, 2 of the campus, from different angles, and once of the city centre in relation to the campus.




Alternatively, printable version can be found here…  https://www.tcd.ie/Maps/

There is no parking permitted on campus for non-permit holders, however there is a set down area for coaches on Nassau Street. Fleet Street car park is just a short walk away too, you can find other nearby car parks on the Parkrite.ie website https://bookings.parkrite.ie/CarPark/ListDetails/9

There is also a church across the road from the sports centre, called St. Marks Church http://www.stmarks.ie/ .

Those wishing to do campus tours can register at the Trinity Desk on the day (located beside the registration table) The Tours will be given by the University Boat club students and will be supported by Trinity College Sports Department.

Memento #Blitzit  t-shirts will be for sale for €10 for those wishing to buy them.

A few house hold matters: Please be aware of exit signs and fire exits for the day


The umpire will have the final say if we decide some crews are rowers and have been rowing longer than the other teams – we have an open section for those rowing in clubs or who have just started. This is a participation event and in line with the programme values of Respect and Fair play we ask that anyone rowing with a club should compete in the Open section.

Pulling the chain between changeover is not allowed in our events – so please do not do this – we need to respect the machines as well as each other. If you are found to be pulling the chain you will be given a warning. This is a team event and we ask that you work together #oneteam #oneunit

We have pre-set the resistance please do not touch it

Please make sure you know the time of your race and are ready to race


Please make sure that you are ok with the final time when its signed – there can be no changes once results are submitted.

Trinity Tours are available for booking on the half hour from 10:30 if you book a tour please turn up and make sure that you are back for your race and the prize giving ceremony.

We hope that you enjoy the day!

The Get Going…Get Rowing Team @Rowing Ireland


  • November 9th, 2017