Timetabled Draw

10.00First Year Boys Race 1
Murphys MinionsDuiske College
Borris DelilahsBorris Vocational School
CBS JamesCBS Carlow
The Slide SnakesTyndall College, Carlow
GCC GreyGaelcholaiste Carlow
SMC LadsScoil Mhuire Clane
CBS AaronCBS Carlow
Reckless RowersTyndall College, Carlow
10.12First Year Boys Race 2
CBS BryanCBS Carlow
Borris BetsysBorris Vocational School
Wild WaterTyndall College, Carlow
GCC AquaGaelcholaiste Carlow
Duiske DudesDuiske College
Feisty FishermenTyndall College, Carlow
CBS JohnCBS Carlow
Clane GreenScoil Mhuire Clane
10.24First Year Boys Race 3
CBS MarkCBS Carlow
SMC RowersScoil Mhuire Clane
Ruthless RowersCholaiste Aindriu, Carlow
Rockin RowersTyndall College, Carlow
GCC GreenGaelcholaiste Carlow
CBS MauriceCBS Carlow
Barrow BoysDuiske College
Borris CamillasBorris Vocational School
10.36First Year Boys Race 4
GCC BlueGaelcholaiste Carlow
The chaps St.Mary?s CBS Enniscorthy
CBS OisinCBS Carlow
Tyndall TigersTyndall College, Carlow
Borris AnnabellesBorris Vocational School
CBS DavidCBS Carlow
GCC BrownGaelcholaiste Carlow
SMC BoysScoil Mhuire Clane
10.48First Year Boys Race 5
Hyper WarriorsTyndall College, Carlow
Bagenalstown BoysCholaiste Aindriu, Carlow
GCC LilacGaelcholaiste Carlow
The Lazy RiverTyndall College, Carlow
11First Year Girls Race 1
EclairsSt Leo's College, Carlow
RedScoil Mhuire Clane
Curly WurlySt Leo's
Barrow BellasDuiske College
FudgeSt Leos
Borris DmitrisBorris Vocational School
WispaSt Leos
GCC WineGaelcholaiste Carlow
11.12First Year Girls Race 2
Cream EggSt Leos
The Blue BellesTyndall College, Carlow
TwirlSt Leos
Borris CharlsesBorris Vocational School
OreosSt Leos College, Carlow
GCC PinkGaelcholaiste Carlow
MentosSt Leos
Clane BlueScoil Mhuire Clane
11.24First Year Girls Race 3
Wine GumsSt Leos
GCC PeachGaelcholaiste Carlow
Jelly BellysSt Leos
M&M'sSt Leos
Clane BoatsScoil Mhuire Clane
SnickersSt Leos
Duiske DollsDuiske College
GalexySt Leos
11.36First Year Girls Race 4
RoloSt Leos
GCC OrangeGaelcholaiste Carlow
Cheese CakeSt Leos
Clane OarsScoil Mhuire Clane
MalteasersSt Leos
The Lady LeopardsTyndall College, Carlow
PringalsSt leos
Borris BrendansBorris Vocational School
11.48First Year Girls Race 5
MinionsSt Leos
The BarrowersCholaiste Aindriu, Carlow
SkipsSt Leos
GCC YellowGaelcholaiste Carlow
CrunchieSt Leos
Clane RowersScoil Mhuire Clane
TaytoSt Leos
Borris AndysBorris Vocational School
12First Year Girls Race 6
GCC PurpleGaelcholaiste Carlow
Milky WaySt Leos
Pink MagicTyndall College
SkittlesSt Leos
Hunky DorysSt Leos
GCC RedGaelcholaiste Carlow
Mars BarSt Leo's
Dairy MilkSt Leo's
12.12First Year Girls Race 7
Boost BarSt Leo's
SmartiesSt Leo's College, Carlow
12.24Open Boys
The bois St.Mary?s CBS Enniscorthy.ie
Borris VS BoysBorris Vocational School
GCC BoysGaelcholaiste Carlow
The weedsSt.Mary?s CBS Enniscorthy
ETB Schools BoysETB Schools
Tyndall BoysTyndall College
The red jumpers St.Mary?s CBS Enniscorthy
12.34Open Girls
Col iste Br¡de Enniscorthy TYCol iste Br¡de Enniscorthy
Borris VS GirlsBorris Vocational School
St Leo's GirlsSt Leo's College
Col iste Br¡de Enniscorthy Col iste Br¡de Enniscorthy
GCC GirlsGaelcholaiste Carlow
ETB Schools GirlsETB Schools
Tyndall GirlsTyndall College
St Leo's TY GirlsSt Leo's College
12.44TY Coaches Race
TY's 1TY Coaches
TY's 2TY Coaches
TY's 3TY Coaches
TY's 4TY Coaches
TY's 5TY Coaches
TY's 6TY Coaches
TY's 7TY Coaches
TY's 8TY Coaches

The Carlow Blitzit 2018 will take place at Carlow IT on Tuesday 20th February from 10am-2pm.

Please find attached the timetable for the day.


  • February 18th, 2018