We are thrilled to announce the entry form for this years 2018 Limerick Blitzit is now open. You can enter five teams at time so get creative with those names.The Blitz will take in University of Limerick from 10am-2pm. A schedule of the day will be published on Friday 2nd March at 5pm. Teams are asked to be in UL at least 30 minutes before racing. We are not in a position to facilitate late entries. Please note the umpire reserves the final decision on teams and their categories. Should the umpire deem a team to be more experienced then the level they entered at. In the interest of fair play the umpire has the right to move that team into the open category.

Entry €3 per participant

We are sorry but entries for the 2018 LImerick Blitzit are now closed

  • February 25th, 2018