110:00U/16 Heat OneDominicans 19CB15Mary's Bluefins40Pres 349HFC 530Winner Semifinal One
210:10U/16 Heat TwoDominicans 210CB26Mary's Bonitos41Pres 450HFC 631Winner Semifinal Two
310:20U/16 Heat ThreeDominicans 311CB37Mary's Marlins42Pres 551HFC 732Winner Semifinal One
410:30U/16 Heat FourDominicans 412CB48Mary's Sharks43Le Cheile 137Dominicans 816Winner Semifinal Two
510:40U/16 Heat fiveDominicans 513Pres 248Mary's Tarpons44Le Cheile 238Doms 123Winner Semifinal One
610:50U/16 Heat sixDominicans 614Dominicans 917Mary's Tunnys45Le Cheile 339Doms 224Winner Semifinal Two
711:00U/16 Heat sevenDominicans 715Carlow Schools56Mary's Wahoos46Dominicans 1018Doms 325Winner Semifinal One
811:20U/14 Heat OneCaritas 11Dominic's Dancers19HFC 126KCC133The King's Hospital 152Winner Final U/14
911:30U/14 Heat TwoCaritas 22Pres 147HFC 227KCC234The King's Hospital 253Winner Final U/14
1011:40U/14 Heat ThreeCaritas 33Dominic's Divas21St Leos's57The King's Hospital 354Winner Final U/14
1111:50U/14 Heat FourGCC58Dominic's Dominoes22HFC 328KCC335Winner Final U/14
1212:00U/14 Heat fiveCaritas 44Dominic's Diamonds20HFC 429KCC436The King's Hospital 455Winner Final U/14
1312:20U/16 Semi final OneWinner Race 1Winner Race 3Winner Race 5Winner Race 7Winner final U/17Second final U/17
1412:30U/16 Semi final TwoWinner Race 2Winner Race 4Winner Race 6Winner final U/17Second final U/17
1512:40Ready Chef RaceTrinity collegeSport irelandDublin CitySport irelandSport Ireland
1612:50U/14 FINALWinner Race 8Winner Race 9Winner Race 10Winner Race 11Winner Race 12
1713:00U/16 FINALWinner Race 13Second Race 13Winner Race 14Second Race 14

Draw 2018 #Blitzit Splash and Dash

Entries are in for a bumper event. 100’s of students from all over the country will take part in this Friday in the Waterways Ireland, Dublin City Council #Blitzit. Watch to space to find out who will take the coveted prize of #Blitzit Champion 2018.

  • April 16th, 2018