Full results #Blitzit 2018 Splash and Dash

110:00U/16 Heat OneDominicans 19CB15Mary's Bluefins40Pres 349HFC 530St Mary's Bluefins
210:10U/16 Heat TwoDominicans 210CB26Mary's Bonitos41Pres 450HFC 631HFC 6
310:20U/16 Heat ThreeDominicans 311CB37Mary's Marlins42Le Cheile 137HFC 732CB1
410:30U/16 Heat FourDominicans 412CB48Mary's Sharks43Pres 551Dominicans 816Mary's Sharks
510:40U/16 Heat fiveDominicans 513Pres 248Mary's Tarpons44Le Cheile 238Doms 123Pres 2
610:50U/16 Heat sixDominicans 614Dominicans 917Mary's Tunnys45Dominicans 1018Doms 224Dominicans 6
711:00U/16 Heat sevenDominicans 715GCC56HFC 846Le Cheile 339Doms 325Doms 3
811:20U/14 Heat OneCaritas 11Dominic's Dancers19HFC 126KCC133The King's Hospital 152KCC1
911:30U/14 Heat TwoCaritas 22Pres 147HFC 227KCC234The King's Hospital 253KCC2
1011:40U/14 Heat ThreeCaritas 33Dominic's Divas21St Leos's 157Dominicans 1261The King's Hospital 354St Leo's 1#53 in this race instead
1111:50U/14 Heat FourSt Leo's 25822HFC 328KCC335Dominicans 1362St Leo's 2
1212:00U/14 Heat fiveCaritas 44Dominic's Diamonds20Dominicans 1160KCC436The King's Hospital 455Caritas 4
1312:20U/16 Semi final OneSt Mary's Bluefins40CB17Pres 248Doms 325Doms 3Pres 2
1412:30U/16 Semi final TwoHFC 631Mary's Sharks43Dominicans 614HFC 6Mary's Sharks
1512:40Ready Chef RaceTrinity college (1) Sport ireland (3) Dublin City (2) Sport irelandSport Ireland
1612:50U/14 FINALKCC133KCC2 (3rd)34St Leo's 1 (1st)57St Leo's 2 (2nd)58Caritas 44
1713:00U/16 FINALDoms 3 (1st)25Pres 2 (3rd)48HFC 6 (2nd)31Mary's Sharks43

Race report

A great day was had by all our Leinster Schools at #Blitzit 2018 Splash and Dash on the water. Fun, Sunshine, Rowing and lots of happy happy faces. A big thanks to our dedicated PE teachers for coming on board. Our loyal partners (Sport Ireland, Waterways Ireland and Dublin City Sport and Well-Being) for sponsoring the day and to our amazing TrY Rowers for pull out all the stops and most of all every single person who came to help from our Community Coaches to our volunteer FISA umpires to our clubs. Without today you today couldn’t have happened.