110:00Junior 14GCC Carlow 139Mercy Beaumont 448Caritas 12GCC Carlow 445Winner to Final
210:10Junior 14Mercy Beaumont 142Caritas 21GCC Carlow 240Mercy Beaumont 246Winner to Final
310:20Junior 14Sutton Park School Sharks69Kings Hospital 143GCC Carlow 341Mercy Beaumont 347Winner to Final
J14 Final10:30Junior 14Winner Race 1Winner Race 2Winner Race 3
510:50Junior 16Sutton Park Speedsters70Dominican 1832St Mary's 466Dominican 1024Winner to Semi Final 1
611:00Junior 16Confey College 410Dominican 1731CB24Kings Hospital 244Winner to Semi Final 2
711:10Junior 16Dominican 1933Dominican 1125Stanhope 159Cabra A53Winner to Semi Final 3
811:20Junior 16Cabra E57St Mary's 567Dominican 923Dominican 620Winner to Semi Final 4
911:30Junior 16CB46Dominican 721Confey College 39Cabra F58Winner to Semi Final 1
1011:40Junior 16Pres Paddlers51CB35Stanhope 260St Mary's 365Winner to Semi Final 2
1111:50Junior 16St Mary's 264Dominican 2135Confey College 511Pres Unsinkables50Winner to Semi Final 3
1212:00Junior 16Dominican 1529CB13Pres Rafters49Confey College 814Winner to Semi Final 4
1312:10Junior 16Cabra C55St Mary's 163Dominican 519Confey College 17Winner to Semi Final 1
1412:20Junior 16Confey College 713Stanhope 361Dominican 1327Dominican 2236Winner to Semi Final 2
1512:30Junior 16Confey College 612Dominican 2438Dominican 317Cabra B54Winner to Semi Final 3
1612:40Junior 16Cabra D56Pres Floaters52Dominican 115Confey College 28Winner to Semi Final 4
1712:50Junior 16St Mary's 668Dominican 418Dominican 1428Dominican 216Winner to Semi Final 2
1813:00Junior 16Dominican 1630Dominican 822Dominican 1226Winner to Semi Final 3
1913:10Junior 16Dominican 2034Dominican 2337Winner to Semi Final 4
Junior 16 Semi Finals
2013:20Semi Final 1Winner Race 5Winner Race 9Winner Race 13Winner to Final
2113:30Semi Final 2Winner Race 6Winner Race 10Winner Race 14Winner Race 17Winner to Final
2213:40Semi Final 3Winner Race 7Winner Race 11Winner Race 15Winner Race 18Winner to Final
2313:50Semi Final 4Winner Race 8Winner Race 12Winner Race 16Winner Race 19Winner to Final
Junior 16 Final
14:00FinalWinner SF1Winner SF2Winner SF3Winner SF4

We are delighted to publish the draw based on a bumper entry of 70 crews from 12 schools from Dublin and Leinster for the annual Get Going Get Rowing Splash ‘n’ Dash Blitz, proudly supported by Dublin City Sport and Wellbeing and Dublin City Council, and Waterways Ireland, in Grand Canal Dock on Thursday May 9, 2019 from 10am to 2:30pm.