At Get Going Get Rowing we want to give everyone a sport that will carry them through their whole lives. Whether you find yourself living near a boat club or merely join a gym with rowing machines, learning how to row now will give you opportunities to keep active wherever you may be.

Our Programmes

Our TrY Coaching Programme trains TY students at their schools to coach their classmates in indoor rowing on ergometers. Then they’ll coach first- and second-year students over six weeks during P.E. classes to earn a TrY Coaching Certificate. TY students are trained and mentored throughout the program, provided real leadership roles and responsibilities, and get the chance to give back to their school and TY programme.

For our Indoor Rowing Classes, we provide coaches and rowing machines for a group of up to 20 people, either on your campus or site or at one of our hub centres. Your course will consist of indoor training on ergs and outdoor training on the water. You and your team will also be invited to take part in an indoor or outdoor #Blitzit event in Dublin, Limerick, Galway, and Cork, competing head-to-head with other people all over the country who are new to the sport, too.

Our On-The-Water P.E. Classes offer a 2-hour session aimed at getting brand new rowers on the water and rowing in our (very stable!) touring quads. A typical session looks like this:

• Experienced rower coaches demonstrate how to row, using both a simulator and rowing machines
• Everyone takes part in a safety briefing
• Half the students take to the water in our 3 touring quads, learning the basics of rowing
• The other half cut their teeth on our rowing machines
• Everyone swaps

Our Team-Building Days will bring your team together and make them stronger while they learn a brand new sport as total beginners. On both land and water, they will build camaraderie and have great fun while learning about the sport of rowing.

As many as 24 people will have an experience they’re sure to remember, they schedule goes like this:
• Experienced rower coaches demonstrate how to row, using both a simulator and rowing machines
• Half the students take to the water for an hour in our 3 touring quads learning the basics of rowing, while the other half take part in fun team-building activities
• The groups swap for the next hour
• Everyone has lunch together
• One group takes to the water for races while the other competes in rowing machine relay races and more team building
• Everyone swaps again
• Students come together for a final recap of the day, and what they’ll take away with them

Our Team

We rely on a wonderful team of rowers to deliver our programs. Our lead coaches are experienced rowers, some of whom have rowed for Ireland internationally. We also train local TY students in coaching, so they’ll be supporting your instruction and expanding their skill sets alongside you.

Our Goal

Full disclosure: We aim to get you hooked on rowing! Once you are, we can connect you with our network of more than 80 rowing clubs all over Ireland. Some of our adults are rowing recreationally and competitively, and some students who trained with GGGR have joined their local clubs and made their way to Ireland’s High Performance Program at the National Rowing Centre in Cork.

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