Rowing on an ergometer is very easy: 4 steps when honed to perfection will make you a rowing superstar.

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Let’s look at them in sequence.



The Finish

Legs flat, elbows tucked in, relaxed shoulders, tall posture, hands into chest, sitting bones at back of seat. The athlete returns to the original position with a strong posture.


The Recovery

Arms push down and away to a locked position, body follows through and pivots from the hips, transfer body weight onto feet. Do not reach from the shoulders. Hold body position still and break knees to move towards the chain in a controlled manner. Feel more body weight come onto the feet


The Drive

Legs continue to accelerate the chain and the body begins to swing back enabling the acceleration to continue towards the finish.Once the legs have delivered the acceleration the body swings back into it’s original position and the arms draw back into the chest


The Catch

Body is in a fully compressed state and shins are at a 90° angle. Maintain strong posture and do not allow upper body to collapse. All body weight transferred onto the feet. The initial part of the drive occurs from the legs. The upper body does not open up and stays in the pivoted state. Hang off the chain.