Rowers get ready…Pick up your handles Attention…Go

Come and join our School’s league. You can compete against your pals in other schools or with your schools friends on the other side of the country. The aim is to compete to the specified time for your school year in order to win Gold, Silver or Bronze. So come on and get going, we know you can’t wait to get rowing. Check out our news section for our #Blitzit league results.

Medal table

    100% Gold 90% Silver 75% Bronze
First 2 min 490m 441m 368m
Second 3 min 750m 675m 562m
Third 4 min 1020m 918m 765m
TY 5 min 1287m 1187m 966m
Fifth 6 min 1540m 1386m 1155m
Sixth 2000m 7:45 8:31 10:56