TY students will earn a coaching certificate for teaching young classmates a new sport that will keep them fit for life.


TY students are trained to coach indoor rowing on ergometer machines kept at your school. Then they’ll coach your first- and second-year students over six weeks during P.E. classes to earn a TrY Coaching Certificate. In the process the TY students are provided:

• training and mentoring by experienced rower coaches throughout the program
• leadership roles and responsibilities, supervision and support
• meaningful feedback on their developing coaching skills from senior coaches
• the opportunity to see their efforts translate into new-found skills among younger classmates
• the chance to bring value to their school and TY programme

Student & School Expectations

We expect students to be coachable, and to rise to the occasion by learning new skills as taught by experienced coaches, and treat their own coaching work with the respect that it’s due.

We ask schools to support TY students in their attendance at the one-day training session that we deliver on your campus, make younger students available for P.E. classes for 6 weeks, have an adult supervisor present for all TY coach-led P.E. classes, and liaise with the Limerick/Clare Coordinator as appropriate.


€30 per student. Includes training, course materials, on-campus ergometers, and recognised Coaching Ireland/Rowing Ireland certificate. Maximum 30 students per course.
DEIS schools are encouraged to contact GGGR, as cost should not be a barrier to participation.

For more information on TrY Coaching Programme please contact: GetRowingManager@RowingIreland.ie